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Social Media & Internet Marketing

Social MediaIntegrate social media in your website to boost your Google ranking

The integration of social media like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and others in your overall digital communication will have a leveraging effect on traffic to your website.

Google values interaction between social media and websites and translates this into a better ranking.

Social media can be used as news forums for your business and can link to your website to attract returning or new visitors.

We can help you plan an integrated social media strategy, design appealing social media pages to match your brand, add social media links on your web pages and develop a full social media communication plan supporting your business goals.

Email marketingImplement a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy to develop your brand

A well designed email marketing campaign should aim at specific business goals, driving traffic to your website and ultimately reinforcing customer loyalty.

Designing an email marketing campaign is more than drafting a newsletter with MS Word and sending it to a list of addresses you have gathered over time.

Technical considerations must be taken into account when drafting a newsletter.
They include layout, images, linking back to an online version as well as autoresponders and unsubscribe options.
Newsletter management can be integrated into your website.

You will also want to track response to an mailing campaign by monitoring variations in traffic to your target pages and goals achievement through website analytics.

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