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Is your website achieving its goal ?

…Website Analytics has the answer

Website analytics enable you to monitor more than just page views. You can track those pages that attract most visitors, referral sources, devices used by your visitors, etc.

We implement the Google and Bing Analytics tracking code for all websites we design and we show you how to monitor traffic.

Traffic to a website should be monitored regularly to assess its

  • efficiency in attracting visitors and potential customers
  • ability to convert a visit into an action (subscribing, filling a form, buying,etc.); this is called the conversion rate.

This information is essential for the fine tuning of your website.
It lets you check the popularity of new articles or updates, and verify that your website fulfils your business goals.
It is also vital information to plan successful pay-per-click AdWords campaigns.

We provide full website analytics services or we also train you to extract and interpret data provided by Google Analytics and Bing Analytics.

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Track visits on your website to measure the efficiency of your website in reaching your target audience